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Are you prepared to answer the questions that might be asked as a result of the May 19 release of the Ron Howard movie based on Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code?  Thousands of people who've never read the book will see the movie, and they will have questions.  We believe those questions will actually open the door to some excellent opportunities for us to share the truth of the gospel with many of our friends and family members.

"...in your hearts regard Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you." (1 Peter 3:15)


In order to do that effectively, we need to understand the false claims made in both the book and the movie.  If you read the book or see the movie (neither of which we necessarily recommend), then please read or listen to some of the rebuttals below.  There are articles, audio interviews, panel discussions, and more in the links that follow.  Each one examines the book's claims in more or less detail, and counters the erroneous claims with Biblical and historical facts.


The Da Vinci Code


*NEW*  A Response to The Da Vinci Code by Al Mohler

Transcript of excellent sermon recently preached by Mohler and edited for his blog.  You can listen to the complete sermon online by following the link near the end.


The Da Vinci Opportunity by Mark D. Roberts
Extensive and well written commentary on the book and movie, subtitled "How the Popularity of The Da Vinci Code Book and Movie Can Be Helpful to Christians and Others"  NOTE: new articles are still being added to this series, so check back for updates.


The Da Vinci Code FAQ by Mark D. Roberts

His answers to frequently asked questions.


The Truth About Da Vinci by Westminster Theological Seminary


Da Vinci Code Resources by Andreas Kostenberger


The Da Vinci Code: Is Christianity True?

Special Da Vinci Code section on the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Website



Debunking Dan Brown's "Fact Based Fiction" by James White

Extensive and excellent, although sometimes rather pointed.

The Da Vinci Dialogue Website by Darrell Bock
Darrell L. Bock, author of Jesus according to Scripture and Studying the Historical Jesus, has written a lead piece for The Da Vinci Challenge, a new website for Christians pertaining to The Da Vinci Code movie. The site is sponsored by Sony Pictures, the studio releasing the movie, as a forum for Christian writers, scholars, and leaders of evangelical organizations to respond to the book's theological and historical claims about Christianity.

The Da Vinci Code by Christian History Institute

The Da Vinci Code: Of Magdalene, Gnostics, the Goddess and the Grail - Leadership U
Series of Esaays by Ben Witherington III, Darrell L. Bock, Ph.D., Dr. Ron Rhodes,
Sandra Miesel

Decoding the Da Vinci Code- Bishop NT Wright

Dan Brown: Looking Behind the Code by Tom Price

Panel discussion on the Da Vinci Code with Andreas Kostenberger, Norman Geisler, Richard Hays, and Bart Ehrman at Southeastern Seminary's 20/20 Conference MP3

Breaking The DaVinci Code by Dr Darell Bock MP3 28.38 Megabytes

Cracking the DaVinci Code Interview with Peter Jones (Windows Media Video)
Part I Broadband ; Part II broadband ; Part III broadband ; Part IV broadband


All the links between the dotted lines were compiled by Monergism.com.  That site includes links to more articles on this subject, and to many other good apologetics resources.

NOTE:  These last two articles are by Darrell Bock, a widely respected evangelical Bible scholar, and are very clear and brief.  However, the articles are located on a website that we do NOT endorse.  The site accepts virtually every kind of spiritual belief system as equally valid, which puts it (and most of its content) squarely at odds with Jesus Christ and his exclusive claim to be the only way to the Father.  As a result, we reject both the basic premise of Beliefnet, that all "faiths" are equally valid, as well as most of the website's content.  Here are the articles.  The first is an interview with Bock, who is a seminary professor and the author of the book Breaking the Da Vinci Code.  The second is an actual excerpt from Bock's book.  Both are in a printer-friendly format:

Da Vinci's Secret Agenda The Great Cover-Up

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