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I. Introduction:

 Jesus came to Jerusalem with a purpose.  He knew what was going to happen to Him in the next week.  As we spend the next week remembering and celebrating the Passion week of our Lord, we must begin by considering how He chose to come to the city, His triumphal entry.  What does this passage reveal about our Savior?

II.  What does the triumphal entry reveal about Jesus?

 A. The Plan of Jesus (v. 28-34): Nothing that happened to Jesus was unknown or unplanned.  He knew everything that was going to happen.  He planned it all, even the details of how He would arrive in Jerusalem.  He told two disciples to go ahead of them.  He told them exactly what they would find.  He even told them what would be asked and how they should respond.  And when they went ahead, things happened exactly how Jesus said that they would.  This was all part of His plan.  In fact, Matthew notes that Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the back of donkey was part of a plan that had been put in place long before.  He quotes a passage from Zechariah that speaks of the coming King riding in on a donkey.  Everything that is happening is part of the plan for Jesus to redeem a people.  He is in complete control and willingly comes to the city of His imminent death.

 B. The Humility of Jesus (v. 35-36): Of course, we might wonder, why did Jesus ride in on a donkey?  Why not a horse or something more glamorous?  Jesus came in on a donkey to symbolize His humility and His desire to serve His people.  He is not some earthly king who needs pomp and dress and horses to symbolize His power.  He is the King and He has all the power, but He is willing to humble Himself as our Savior and Redeemer, so He rides in on the back of a donkey.

 C.  The Praise of Jesus (v. 37-40): How do the people respond to Jesus?  Luke tells us that they threw down their cloaks to honor Him and as He approached the city they broke into praise for all that they had seen.  They sang out: Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!  Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!  The Pharisees told Jesus to tell them to be quiet, but He knew that if they stopped, then even the stones would cry out.  What an amazing thought.  Jesusí presence demands worship.  If people fail to offer it, then even creation will take up the chorus.  Why?  Because He is so worthy of praise, so worthy of worship and adoration.  He is indeed the Promised King.

III.  Conclusion:

 In just a few short days, the crowds will no longer be worshipping Jesus, but on this day they got it right.  The praised God for what He was doing in their midst.  As we reflect on King Jesus and all that He has done for us, may we respond with heartfelt worship and praise.  Amen.

~ William Marshall ~

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