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The Greener Grass Conspiracy

I. Introduction:

 We are all part of a conspiracy to rob us of the joy of our salvation. We are filled with blessings on every side, yet we still are not happy (p. 12). What is wrong with us? Or more important, how can we fix whatever it is that is wrong with us? How can we fight against this total lack of contentment in our lives? That’s what this book is about. But first, we need to be clear about the actual conspiracy.

II.  The Conspiracy:

 A. The Definition (p. 12): The conspiracy is all that battles against me to rob me of my joy in God.  It is a collected effort of the world, the Enemy, and my heart to convince me that greater joy can be found apart from God than with God.  And it is an elaborate effort.  It is constantly battling against me, lying to me, fighting for my attention and devotion.

 B. The Parties (all of which are lying to us):
  1.  The world offers me pleasure at every turn.  I mean just watch some commercials and notice how they are trying to entice you into buying a product or accepting a certain lifestyle.  They are subtly whispering in your ear: ‘You need more to be really satisfied in this life.  You cannot be content without what I am offering.’ 
  2.  Satan wants to convince me that I can find joy apart from God (p. 13).  Satan is not concerned about what we find joy in, he just wants to make sure that it is not God.
  3.  Even our own heart lies to us at times.  They tell us that we need more ‘good things’ in order to be content.

 C.  The Purpose: What is the goal of the conspiracy?  What is the world and Satan and our hearts trying to accomplish?  They want to convince that we always need just a little bit more if we are ever going to be content (p.12-13).  We never have enough.  We never have everything we need.  We are always looking for something else, something more.  And because we feel this way, we are never content. 

III.  Conclusion:

 I appreciate how Altrogge closes the introduction (p. 13).  This is not a time for us to come together and judge one another’s lack of contentment.  No, let’s just be upfront and honest from the beginning: none of us are content like we should be.  We all need help in fighting against the lies.  I pray that by God’s grace and strength, we can be encouraged in our battle through this study.  Amen.

1 All discussions in this series reference The Greener Grass Conspiracy by Stephen Altrogge

~ William Marshall ~

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