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Faith on Mission

I.  Introduction:

 After hearing about the lives of missionaries who have gone before us and after listening to some of what missionaries are doing today, I want us to spend tonight thinking about how we are going to be on mission as individuals and as a Church. It does not do us much good to hear about others who are putter their faith on mission if we are not going to do the same. It will look different for each of us, but it is good for us to come together and talk about how we can be on mission. I want to talk about our mission in regards to three different areas: local, national, and international (loosely following Acts 1:8). I want to share some ideas about how I think we can be on mission in each of those areas and then listen to your ideas as well.

II.  Areas of Missions:

 A.  Local:
  1.  Praying for and sharing your faith with those around you:  At the end of the  day, faithfulness to missions is going to involve you sharing your faith with others.  You  need to be looking for opportunities and taking opportunities to pray for and share with  your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family.  As we saw on Sunday, you are commanded to make disciples.  This is not just going to happen.  You must be intentional, which is why I have encouraged you to pray for and share with three people.  I hope you have done that/are doing that.  I hope that you will continue to be intentional  with that.
  2.  Bible studies with the lost:  Another intentional way to be sharing with the lost  around you is to invite them to a Bible study that you are leading.  This could be done at  your home or somewhere else (YMCA, restaurant, Church, etc.) and would simply involve working through a book of the Bible together (like the Gospel of Mark).  If we have some that are interested in taking this approach, we could offer some training at the Church for getting this started. 
  3.  Inviting people to Church:  A simple way to get involved in people’s lives and  help them see their need for the Lord is to bring them to Church.  Now this does not mean that you simply invite them and that’s the end of it.  No, you invest in trying to get them here.  You sit with them.  Afterwards, you talk with them about what they thought about what was taught.  A couple of upcoming events that would work well for this (outside of just regular services) are our Advent Services on Sunday nights (Nov. 27th-Dec. 18th) and “The Behold the Lamb of God” musical that will be taking place here on Saturday, December 10th.  These events will involve clear presentations of the gospel and will be a great opportunity to invite others to participate.
  4.  Any other ideas that you guys have for local missions?

 B.  National:
 1.  Short-term trip to NYC:  We are working on a short-term trip to go and serve in New York City with Freddy T. and Susan Wyatt.  They offer free HIV testing every summer and need groups to come in and serve during that time.  We will serve during the  day and have worship and teaching at night.  It is a great way to serve them and get our hands dirty in serving others.  Hopefully you will be hearing more about this in the weeks  to come.
  2.  Involvement with BSM at SEMO: I am not sure what all this might look like (hosting students on break, attending events, Thanksgiving meal, etc.), but we can try and get involved with the ministry that Erik and Kelly Barb are doing at SEMO.  We should at least be praying for them and supporting them when we can (Thanksgiving meal).
  3.  Praying for these missionaries: We should regularly be praying for these  missionaries (and others) who are serving in this area.
  4.  Giving to Annie Armstrong Easter Offering: All of the money that we give  during Easter will go directly to missionaries serving in North America.
  5.  Any other ideas that you guys have for national missions?

 C.  International:
  1.  Short-term trip to Indonesia: It was great to have our missionary here for  several reasons on Sunday but one of them is the connection that we have now with an international missionary.  Hopefully we can partner with him and the work that is being done in Indonesia and provide short-term trips to go over and serve.  This trip will be more involved than a trip to NYC (more money, time, training, etc.), but will be a great way to serve him and be active in international missions.  I should also mention that there are other international trips (and national trips) that are available through the association and other organizations.
  2.  Pray for international missionaries and the Dongxiang: We need to be praying for the unreached people group that we have adopted, the Dongxiang of China.  We need to pray that the work being done there will continue and grow.  Likewise we need to be  praying for those that visited with us this weekend, particularly the missionary that we hosted here. 
  3.  Giving to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: We are now in the season of collecting for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering and our Church goal is $500.  We  should be able to double that figure and I hope that we will.  All of the money that we  give goes directly to missionaries who are on the field.  Thus, it is a great way for us to give to international missions.
  4.  Any other ideas that you guys have for international missions?

III.  Conclusion:

 There are many ways that we can be involved in missions as individuals and as a local Church.  We need to be faithful in taking our faith to the lost.  I challenge you to be thinking hard about how the Lord has gifted and equipped and called you to be on mission with your faith.  Amen.


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