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Advent 2007
Sunday, 09 December 2007

The Incarnate Word: Why did Jesus take on flesh?

I.  Introduction:

 The story of the first Advent is not unfamiliar to us.  We know of Mary and Joseph and their coming to the city of Bethlehem.  We know of the Roman census that brought them there and the attempt of Herod to destroy their child.  We know of the angels, of the Shepherds, and of the wise men.  We know, as we considered last week, that this baby was the very Son of God, the Eternal Word, who had left His throne behind to come and dwell among His creation.  We know that the Word took on flesh.  But, why?  Why was it necessary for Jesus to take on flesh and come to the earth?  This is the question that we want to consider tonight.

II.  Passage: John 1:6-18

• I want to identify two primary reasons from our passage for why Jesus took on flesh:

  1.  Redemption:  Jesus took on flesh to show us mercy and grace that we might have the right to become children of God. 
   a.  Look at verses 9-13.  Jesus came to redeem all those who would repent of their sins and believe in Him.  Through His life, death, and resurrection He gave us the right to become children of God.  This is not our own doing, it is a gift of His mercy and grace.
   b.  Look at verses 16-17.  From Christ we have received grace upon grace.  It is hard to know exactly what this means, but however it is taken, John is highlighting the great grace that we have received through the Word becoming flesh.  We will see this as well in our second primary reason.

  2.  Revelation:  Jesus took on flesh to make the Father known.
   a.  Look at verse 18.  John tells us that Jesus came to earth to make the Father known.  Jesus, who is at the Father’s side (a thought that we will consider more next week), has revealed the Father to us.  If we want to know God, then we simply look at Jesus, for he has made him known. 
   b.  Again, we have received grace in that God has revealed Himself through Christ, who became flesh and dwelt among us. 

III.  Conclusion:

 Once again we find ourselves wrestling with the ‘weight of glory,’ namely the great truth that the Word became flesh to redeem us and to reveal to us Almighty God.  Why would God go to such lengths?  He sent Christ for our great good and His great glory.  It is indeed a story to marvel at.  As we reflect on these reasons for the Word becoming flesh, may we be filled with awe and wonder this Season.  Amen. 

~ William Marshall ~

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