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Advent 2007
Sunday, 02 December 2007

The Eternal Word: Where was Jesus before He came?

I.  Introduction:

 Our theme this year for our advent services is ‘Jesus the eternal word, who became flesh, reigns on high, and will return for His people.’  Each week we will be looking at a different portion of this theme.  Likewise, we will be answering an important question about the person and work of our Savior.  Tonight, we are considering the question: where was Jesus before He came? 

II.  Passage: John 1:1-5

• John tells us that Jesus was in the beginning with God.  What does this mean?

  1.  Jesus is God (v. 1).
  2.  All things were made through him (v. 3).  This agrees with what Paul says in Colossians 1:15-20.  Just as He created light in the beginning and gave men life, so now He has come to be light and life to men (v. 4-5).  Many expected God to come and dwell with them as the Messiah.  This expectation is realized in Jesus.
  3.  Jesus is eternal and was with God the Father before He came to earth.  (no beginning?)

• Why is this significant for us?

  1.  It tells us who Jesus is, namely God.  Jesus has always been.  There was never a time when He was not.  Many will acknowledge Him as a good teacher, or a good example, but few will accept Him as God, the Son.  Yet, John tells us that the Word was God.
  2.  It tells us what Jesus sacrificed in coming to earth, namely the joyous relationship that He had enjoyed with the Father from eternity past.  It is difficult for us to get our minds around, but the thirty three years that Jesus spent on the earth were extremely unique when you consider eternity past and eternity future.  For a time, Jesus chose to humble Himself, take on flesh, and dwell among men, the very ones that were created through Him.  We should indeed marvel at the event of God becoming a man.

III.  Conclusion:

 In light of such truth, we need to take the time this Season to remember who exactly it is that we are celebrating.  Jesus, the Son of God, left where He had been for eternity past to come and dwell with men.  He has always been and He will always be.  He is the eternal Word.  As we go through this time of Advent together, may we be humbled and amazed at what took place in Bethlehem two thousand years ago: the One who created time and space and flesh, entered into all three to redeem a people for the Father.  May we never cease to be awestruck by such truth.  As those who waited for His first appearing, may we long for His return. Amen.

~ William Marshall ~

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